trailer photo from the front


I have had several questions about our home and I just wanted to share where we are at in our journey.  In 2017 we focused on paying off debt and selling our house while purging our possessions along the way.    Although we have gotten rid of a lot already, we are still in the purging process.  Whenever we have free time we go through boxes and see if there is anything we will need and donate the rest. We had our 10×30 trailer built in August.  My husband is working on the design of our house and we are close to finishing that part of it.  He has build a few scaled models of it so that we can picture how the layout will work.  We hope to finalize the design this month and then start compiling the materials over the next few months and start building.  Our goal is to have our home finished by the first of the year. God has been our help and guide all along this journey and I will continue to share how he has led and provided in my upcoming blogs.

Where We Are

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